Efficient site management and reliable status tracking.

Mitigate the risk of cost overruns and project delays effectively.

Coordinate work

Keep your entire project team on the same page regardless whether they are on-site or in the office and from any device.

Track progress

Monitor who did what where and when. Automatically generate status reports and visualize progress.

Mitigate risk

Assure that work is executed to specification and any problems are identified before they put cost and time plans at risk

Reporting status in the mobile and visualizing the status on the web client side-by-side.

Task Management

Use a single platform among project managers, own crafts, and subcontractors to manage work. Assign tasks and timelines and share up-to-date specifications without getting lost in emails, phone calls, and verbal agreements.

Punch Lists

Record open works on-site into punch lists for efficient tracking and resolution. Link them to tasks, ensuring work meets specifications before closure, and maintain accuracy and accountability to meet quality standards.


Get status reports from site managers, foremen, or subcontractors in real-time in one place. Keep the overview on who did what at which time and where. Get informed instantly when somebody is blocked by some problem.

On schedule. On budget.

Continuously compare the actual project status with the project plan to identify problems immediately. This gives you the time advantage to solve the problems before they become expensive or delay the entire project.