Construction Management Software for Shipbuilding

Construction management in shipbuilding made easy.

Coordinate work, track progress, inspect quality, and visualize construction status to mitigate the risk of project delays and cost overruns.

Reliable and efficient operations

Connect site team and managers in one single platform.

Coordinate team

Ensure your entire project team stays on the same page, whether they are on-site or in the office. Access information seamlessly from any device.

Monitor progress

Monitor who did what, where and when. Automatically generate status reports and visualize progress summaries suitable for all stakeholders.

Manage operations

Ensure that work is executed to specifications, and proactively identify any potential issues before they pose risks to budget and schedule.

Tailored to the martime industry

Optimized for all stakeholders of a shipbuilding project, from management over site teams to ship owners and financiers.


Coordinate tasks, track work progress and keep overview with real-time project status reports to effectively manage your projects and minimize the risk of project delays and cost overruns.

Owners & Managers

Schedule inspections, manage punch lists, and track quality issues to effectively ensure the vessel is built to specification. Leverage automated reporting to keep stakeholders posted at any time.

Work is monitored on-site

List of issues on the mobile client
Tasks, punch lists, and inspections

Review scheduled tasks and scope of work through the app. Quickly report work completion, create punch lists with text and photos during inspections, and documenet issues found on walkthroughs efficiently through the app.

On-site coordination

Use comments to record findings and share insights with your project team, minimizing the need for extensive meetings and long email threads. Coordinate efficiently from the construction site, optimizing your on-site time.

Offline support

Our mobile app is to operate aboard the vessel, where network connections are often unreliable. It downloads key data for offline use and auto-syncs activities when online. This happens in the background, removing the need for manual preparation.

Manage what you measure

Plan work

Plan tasks directly in our system or import from other tools. Utilize our rule-based task generator to automatically set inspection scopes based on part specifications and project standards. Alternatively, import project plans from your existing planning system.

Monitor progress

Monitor progress by consolidating on-site status reports into filterable, sortable overview tables. Quickly identify bottlenecks in project execution, and access detailed notes and photos linked to tasks within the system, enabling prompt and effective action.

Visualize status

Create vibrant project status visualizations, like block and zone plans, for clear communication with experts and stakeholders. Leverage PowerBI, Excel, and similar tools to integrate status data into corporate dashboards and reports.

Reporting status in the mobile and visualizing the status on the web client side-by-side.

Why us?

Software adpating to your workflows, not the other way around. 


Extensive configuration options to setup your unique process. Our shipbuilding experts are ready to configure our tools to your specific needs. Start with a customized configuration growing with your needs over time.


Data is worth nothing if you don’t take the right insights out of it. Shipbuilding remains a complex endeavor and our visualization tools allow you to automatically generate progress visualisations at a glance.

Commercial & Defense

We connect site teams with the office teams, workers with managers. Not only commercial shipbuilding is supported with our cloud solution. Naval shipbuilders benefit from the same advantages with our local deployment.

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